Download Visual Studio 2015 Offline Installer

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera Hallari

Visual Studio 2015 is an older version of Visual Studio that is still commonly sought and used. This is because many extensions are support for Visual Studio 2015 version, and for the latest version of Visual Studio there may still be no support. Visual Studio 2015 also uses the .NET Framework that is widely used by Windows 10, 8, and also Windows 7. So software we create doesn’t require additional .NET Framework.

Although Visual Studio 2015 is not the most recent, but Visual Studio 2015 is still quite possible as an IDE to create a classy and useful software of course. Visual Studio 2015 has also been support for use with XAML languages which is also used to create applications on the Android platform.

Furthermore there are many free extensions that are indeed specific to Visual Studio 2015 such as InstallShield which can be used to create Setup files and this extension is free for Visual Studio 2015. There is also a MySQL Connector that also has full support on Visual Studio 2015. There is also OSSkins extension which is used to modify the UI of the applications we create also full support in Visual Studio 2015. That’s why many developers still use Visual Studio 2015 to create software. You can download Visual Studio 2015 through the following link.

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