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Last Updated on November 29, 2022 by Yousha

Unifi Controller is a software that can be used for network device management especially antenna (Access Point) indoor and outdoor made by Ubiquiti Networks. Unifi Controller can facilitate network Administrators to monitor network traffic as well as device maintenance and of course configure Ubiquiti network devices.

Unifi Controller can be used in both Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, notably Ubuntu and Debian. The Unifi Controller is indispensable for adopting Unifi Access Point made by Ubiquiti Network so that the device can be configured, such as Firewall, IP Address, and also configuration of Access Point names.

For versions of Windows you need a Java application before Unifi Controller can run properly. As for Linux and Mac OS versions you can directly run Unifi Controller. Unifi Controller does not require Internet access while on install, so in offline conditions you can still configure your Ubiquiti network device. You can download the Unifi Controller through the link below.

Developer: Nosware Inc.


How do I get UniFi controller?

You can get the UniFi controller download from the link provided above and install.

Do I need Java for UniFi Controller?

If you have Windows OS, you should install a Java application before you proceed to use your UniFi controller. But for Mac OS and Linux, you can simply do the Unifi controller download from above and use it.

Do I need Unifi controller download?

This Unifi controller download is for those who want to manage their device network. If you have a antenna (Access Point) by Ubiquiti Networks, Unifi Controller will enable you to facilitate and monitor the network traffic in addition to maintenance and configuration of Ubiquiti network devices.

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