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RPG Maker MZ is a software that is used to easily create RPG-type games. With RPG Maker MZ software, everyone can learn to create their own RPG games. This software is designed as easily as possible to be used to create unlimited RPG games that can be developed according to the wishes of the creator.

RPG Maker MZ features images in 2D that are movable (animated). There is a feature of creating a map of an image in which you can change the title of the Map and also make a Map for your RPG Game indefinitely. There is also a Character Generator feature that allows you to create your own version of the character. To create character it is quite easy, you can simply change the desired items according to your taste.

RPG Maker MZ also provides a wide range of assets such as equipment, objects, characters, sounds and so on. In RPG Maker MZ you can also create a database so that the games you create can store some information after played. Of course this will make your RPG Game more professional.

To run RPG Maker MZ software, you must at least use Windows 8.1/Windows 10 Operating System. With at least have Intel Core i3-4340 processor or above. Then at least you must have 8 GB of RAM. For hard drives you must have at least 4 GB of free space. And the minimum screen resolution is 1280 x 768 pixels or better. You can download RPG Maker MZ via the following link.

Developer: RPG Maker

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