Disable Windows 10 Update Permanent

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Windows 10 is very fast and easier to use. This is because Windows 10 can download drivers automatically. What’s more, like WiFi drivers by default have been installed and we do not need to be confused to find the driver again.

But Windows 10 also has the disadvantage of automatic updates that can not be disabled permanently. Though not all people or workers who use Windows 10 need this automatic update. Especially if our internet connection is limited, of course, this is very disturbing for us.

Therefore here I will give you a tutorial how to permanently disable Windows 10 Update. This means that after your settings, Windows 10 you will not update automatically without getting permission from you.

Step permanently disable Windows 10 Update

1. Download the Windows Update Blocker app [ Click Here ].

2. Extract the Windows Update Blocker in “Wub.zip“, right click and select “Extract here“.

3. Then you open the folder that has been extracted earlier and run the file named “Wub.exe“.

4. Then configure the settings as shown below and click the “Apply Now” button.

5. Close the app and finish 🙂

Quite simple and easy. It should if your normal Windows 10 run will not update automatically anymore.

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