Best Mini PC for Plex Server

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What is the best mini pc for the plex server so you can enjoy stream TV or movies? Mini PC has low power consumption, low noise, and low cost. It also comes with size and portability as it is easy to mount in behind of TV or TV stand.  

Plex server Requirement 

Plex Server relies on the CPU more than anything else. Plex requires more processing power to transcode the view when it is streamed and needs more power when the user adds subtitles and other additions when watching the video. Plex needs at least Intel Core i3 or faster. Plex doesn’t need much RAM. It needs at least 2 GB RAM and you will run Plex smoothly especially when you need to do other tasks with your computer. 

Pre-Build Mini PC 

The good one, there are pre-build Plex server hardware devices that you can buy.  It offers a practical way to use plex serve. The entire thing the user needs to do is install appropriate software depending on the type of computer hardware of the pre-build Plex server they buy. There are lots of options you can buy for example Nvidia Shield TV pro, Lenovo N75Q Tiny, and Intel NUC mini PC. 


ADOLKO J4205 is one of the best-selling and popular Mini PC in the market. It has a slim design and a simple elegant look.  The entire body is made up of aluminum and an internal cooling fan inside to provide good airflow.  This is the top listed best mini pc for the plex server to buy. Adolko processor comes with Intel Apollo Lake j4205. This is the best processor software to run Plex Media Server.  The memory loaded with 8Gb DDR4 RAM increases the credibility of the Mini PC. The storage is loaded with 128GB SSD. Add an SD card to connect with the Mini PC and Plex media server to go. The SSD helps the machine to reduce the lag-free experience.  The best part about Adolko, it is easy to upgrade. You can expand the storage capacity with an SD card. 

Intel NUC 

Intel NUC is another alternative to a mini PC to stream videos and TV. This mini PC is best for stream TV users as it builds with an IR sensor. It is loaded with Intel Celeron  N2820 and 4K resolution. The memory comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM. To enjoy the Plex server, the user needs to plug in a USB preloaded with serials or movies. 

Choose a mini PC to enjoy the Plex media server is easy. You can choose the best mini pc for the plex server that suits your computer.

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