Pacman 30th Anniversary celebration with Google Doodle

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera Hallari

Many games are introduced every day in the world of gaming but some unique games not only entertain the users but also rule their hearts for a long time. One such game is Pacman. The basic version of the game was introduced on 30 July 1997, Hence Pacman 30th anniversary. Since then Pac man been known to be one of the most famous and successful video games of all time. Pacman has come a long way and uniquely celebrating Pacman 30th Anniversary. In this article, you can not only read about Pacman 30th Anniversary but also enjoy playing this game online.

Pacman 30th Anniversary gift for all gamers

In this competitive era, the game has survived various upgrades and redesigns and has ruled the hearts of users for the past three decades. It has successfully broken the boundary of age and gender as people of all ages can play this game. It is easy to understand and contains zero violence stuff. The good news for the fans of Pacman is that the unique, updated, and exciting remake of the game is on its way and will be soon available as a free update to all gamers.

Unique features and Pacman 30th Anniversary celebration

Pacman is the first video game to feature a graphical user interface. Even after completing remarkable 30 years in the gaming world, Pacman is the best-selling arcade game with more than 30M+ copies globally sold. The massive success rate of this game inspired developers and today it is available in hundred different languages and has a loyal fan following.

To celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary developers have introduced the unique version of the game Pacman Championship Edition 2. The anniversary version of the game can only be found online and comes with additional fun to grab the user’s attention. It has some new features such as new Pacman skin, additional bonus stuff, and new levels to be played.

How the game works

Check out how the game exactly works if you are planning on playing Pacman doodle it on its 30th Anniversary.

The aim is to eat up all 240 dots appearing on while using Pacman’s character. The player can control the direction of Panman which is in motion. The four ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde act as a barrier and chase you throughout the level with their unique attack strategies.  

Pacman 30th anniversary
The Pacman ghosts

Blinky – Blinky follows Pacman’s character throughout the level. The speed of Blinky’s character becomes even faster once the player has eaten up a large number of dots.

Pinky – She doesn’t straightforwardly follow Pac-Man’s character. Pinky’s strategy is to move around the nearest walls to surprisingly catch the Pacman and take him out.

Inky – Out of all four ghosts, inky is a trump card. His methodology is a combination of each and every other phantom, so he can be very perilous.

Clyde – Clyde’s strategy is to leave the box and head to Pac-Man but change directions shortly after for a “scatter” phase. Be extra careful with Clyde if you move Pacman’s character to the lower part of the maze.

Play Pacman doodle on Pacman 30th Anniversary in your Google browser

Pacman 30th anniversary
Pacman google doodle

To mark the success of this game and celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary Google has built a unique Pacman doodle which is available online and can be played from the google homepage

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Type in Pacman on your search bar and you will get the view of the google Pacman doodle.
  3. Click on play and you will be directed to the new game at the beginner level.

The unique thing about this Google Pacman doodle is it is never presented in the original version of the game. To play Pacman doodle on a desktop use arrow keys to control the character and mobile users can use swipe gestures.

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