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uTorrent is a BitTorrent Client application that‘s very light but has amazing functionality to be used to download various files, with BitTorrent Application, you can download file with very large size though.

uTorrent doesn’t work like a normal download through a server with http/https/ftp protocol that’s always online, but uTorrent downloading system is peer to peer or computer with computer. This means that we can download a file when computer giving a file when it’s online. There are some important terms in uTorrent downloads, such as seeder (provider file to download) and leech (downloader) peers (total number of downloaders and providers file).

Some terms in uTorrent you may have to understand:


Is a person who already has a full copy of a torrent file. This seeder category is a person who created the initial torrent or a person who has finished downloading a file and automatically upload it.


It is person who recently downloaded a torrent file and has absolutely no part or all of a downloaded file. “Peer” also belongs to Leecher category as a user who doesn’t yet have part or all of the files. The term “peer” can also be interpreted as “user” or “client”.

A hit and runner

Is a leecher who has managed to download all files from a torrent file, but straight out or not to seed the file until their ratio reaches 1.0.


Simply can be referred to as “ecosystem”, the entire peers or users who are connected to download a file.


The comparison between the number of uploads and downloads is called Ratio. This ratio system is used to monitor the number of senders and receipts made.

Working Principle Torrent

For example, in a room which there are 10 computers that are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 are connected in 1 network, and in computer number 7 there’s a video file in sharing to all computers in the network, so that on all computers a user can copy the video.

With torrent software like uTorrent this file is uploaded (sharing). First of all computer 1 that download, thus file is on computer 1 and computer 7, then when computer 2 download, the file isn’t only taken from computer 7 only, but from computer 1 can also, just 50 percent from computer 1 and 50 percent more from computer 7.

Thus computers 1, 2, and 7 have the same video file. so the next computer that wants to download the video file will get the file from a combination of computer files 1, 2, and 7, meaning computer 1 gives 33 percent, computer 2 gives 33 percent, and computer 7 gives 33 percent. That’s how uTorrent works or torrent based downloads, if you want to download uTorrent client application you can download it via following link.

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