Use Two Whatsapp in One Phone

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Have you ever thought about how your life is so busy and you need to divide between your private and your work life? If yes, then maybe you need to use two Whatsapp in one phone. You will also realize that using two Whatsapp in just one phone will make your life easier to connect with more people since you get more opportunities to have your connection opened widely. Moreover, if you are using your android phone, you will always realize that most types of android phones are designed with two slots of SIM card. So, most android phone users are having a good opportunity to use more than one number on their phone.

Second Whatsapp Just for You

Furthermore, there are many android brands which provide people with two SIM card slots, such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Samsung and even brand-new phone like Honor also started to provide people with the double SIM card slots. Although the dual slots term may vary from one brand to another phone brand, but mostly how the system works are always the same. By having these two slots, people are likely to use two SIM cards in one phone. In other words, you just need one android phone to have two numbers and use two Whatsapp in one phone. These two slots of SIM Card can also be called the component of computer hardware since the android system is also another kind of computer system.

Let’s Install Your Second Whatsapp

If you still feel confused about how to use two Whatsapp in one phone, you can start to find out the special feature in your android phone which is called the dual app settings, once you already open this setting, you can see that there are lists of applications which are already being installed in your smartphone. Since we want to activate two Whatsapp, you can always refer to the Whatsapp application. When you already select the Whatsapp icon, your phone will start to do the process and you have to wait for it. Once the process is completed, you can just directly go back to the primary home screen of your android phone. On your home screen, you will see that there will be another Whatsapp application being installed on your device or in your app launcher. So, the last step that you need to do is by clicking your second Whatsapp application and do the special configuration by using another SIM card number. If all the steps are already done, you can start to have your second Whatsapp number which can be used directly.

Tutorial Video How to Use 2 WhatsApp on One Phone

To install 2 WhatsApp on 1 phone especially Android, you can use Virtual Android. The video guide can be watched below. In addition, if your smartphone supports the use of Second Space, you can take advantage of it without installing Virtual Android.

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