URL Shortner Script

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

URL Shortner Script is a script that is used to shorten the website address so it is easy to remember and type. Shortner’s URL is free and can be used by anyone, the source is open and can be accessed on Github.

By using Shortner’s URL Script, you will be able to see as much of what your URL is in click by People, so that you can determine what category stats are most frequently searched by People.

Shortnet’s URL has a small size, not up to 1MB. It then comes with a simple and easy to use admin page, it won’t get you confused. There are many plugins provided by the Developer so your Shortner URL will be more useful. You can download the Shortner URL Script via the link below.

Developer: OZH & YouRLS Community
Website: https://yourls.org/

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