Ultrasurf Internet Proxy

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Sana Modi

Ultrasurf is software used to make our internet connection free and disguised to access any site. By running Ultrasurf our connection will be redirected using a proxy owned by the Utrasurf server itself. If we have a server with its own proxy we can also enter our proxy server manually and run it to disguise internet connection with our private proxy server.

We all know that internet proxies make our privacy while surfing the internet much safer. This happens because IP Public, Location, Cache, and all kinds will go to the internet using a proxy server instead of directly using our internet identity directly. Suppose you are surfing the internet provided by a particular telecommunication provider, then you enable Ultrasurf with their direct proxy, then when surfing the internet your identifiable identity is the identity of the proxy server from Ultrasurf. Therefore the internet proxy can better maintain our privacy.

For those of you who need Ultrasurf, you can download the link below.

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