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Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Sana Modi

UC Browser is a web browser application developed by UC Web Inc. At first UC Browser was developed using Java platform around 2014. But now UC Browser has supported various platform of a smartphone, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Java ME, Bada , MTK, and Brew.

Compared to other competitors, UC Browser’s name still sounds new, but now the growth of application users is increasing every day. UC Browser application is indeed a lot to offer the latest advanced features that provide a different experience for users so that mobile browser made by UCWeb is much enjoyed by smartphone users worldwide.

One of UC Browser’s privileges is at the speed level to open a web page that claims to save internet quota by 90%. The Chinese Company has successfully used cloud acceleration technology and data compression technology different from its competitors, making UC Browser faster by 20% than its competitors.

How the data compression technology makes the data that initially large become smaller, so internet access can be faster. UC Browser has sped up to 130% faster with on-page optimization as well as acceleration.

Meanwhile, for download speed from UC Browser is also claimed faster up to 60%, then to access the social networking Facebook using UC Browser is also said to be faster than the original application by Facebook.

UC Browser also said if the application has been equipped with good security facilities. One of them is Malicious Sites Filter which can filter the list of malicious sites for users. In addition, there is also Incognito Browsing feature, the feature is useful for users if you want to surf the internet safely without leaving the history on the mobile browser. Another interesting feature of security is the AdBlock feature that is useful for protecting malware user interruption.

One of UC Browser’s strategies for achieving success in international markets is the presence of local content services, the service will tailor content based on different market tastes in each country. The way is also a part of UC Browser’s superiority when compared to competitors’ mobile browsers.

As for other mobile browsers today it has many who use the local language, but for content, an adjustment is still not maximized. UC Browser will make local content adjustments that automatically add popular local site passers on the main page like news sites, online shopping sites, and other popular local sites.

Until now, active users using UC Browser around the World total up to 100 million people and continue to grow. UC Browser is available on a smartphone as well as desktop PC that is Windows Desktop PC, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, iOS, Symbian, and Java. To download UC Browser Apk for Android, you can go to the following link below.

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