SketchUp Pro 2020 Full Version

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

SketchUp 2020 Pro is a software used to make 3D Modeling object such as buildings, or even living things. SketchUp is also widely used to make interior design of buildings / houses, this is because the interior design of the building must be made as close as possible to the original condition that is usually in the form of 3D (Reality).

SketchUp can accurately illustrate design of a place, this will certainly make it easier for construction workers to make realization of the building as close as possible to the design of SketchUp. In addition, there are several tools that make SketchUp Pro software can facilitate work such as viewing 3D models in various angles as needed.

SketchUp Pro can be installed on Windows OS computers. It’s highly recommended that you use Windows 10 or at least Windows 8. Because to make 3D Modeling requires a large rendering, you are advised to have an adequate graphics card, for example using a dedicated 2 GB graphics card. Processor at least Core i3 or above, with at least 8 GB ram or more so that the 3D Modeling manufacturing process can run smoothly.

Developer: SketchUp Inc.

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