Secure Boot Can’t Be Edited (Solved)

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera hallari

Secure Boot on the BIOS is often an obstacle, especially since Microsoft introduce the Windows 11 operating system. Sometimes we need a Secure Boot in an “Enable” state, and sometimes we need a Secure Boot in a “Disable” state.

Here we will provide guidance on how to get your Secure Boot edited. Usually we find Secure Boot can not be edited alias colored grey (can not be edited). For those of you who experience similar obstacles can follow this guide so that your secure boot can be edited easily.

How to Make Secure Boot Can be Edited

1) First of all if your Secure Boot cannot be edited, you should look for “Supervisor Password” or “Administrator Password” and the like on your PC BIOS.
2) Then please set the password and see if now the menu and options on Secure Boot have been active again.
3) After that you can “Enable” or “Disable” Secure Boot as per your needs.

For those of you who do not find “Secure Boot” it may be that your PC does not have such facilities. Or if you believe your PC has support you can update the BIOS firmware on your PC.

For those of you who still have difficulty in overcoming the Issue of Secure Boot can not be edited, you can see the following guide video.

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