Save as PDF Office 2007 Add-ins

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

Save as PDF is an add-in contained in Microsoft Office 2007. The Save-as-PDF add-ins are used for Microsoft Office 2007 users to store documents they have created in Microsoft Office as “.PDF” files.

Probably for the latest Microsoft Office users there will be no problem storing documents as PDF files, but in Microsoft Office 2007 the Save as PDF facility is not yet available, so if you want documents saved in PDF format then you must install the Add-ins Save as PDF this.

Then after the install how to save PDF files in Microsoft Office 2007? When finished creating the document, simply “Save as” as usual, then select the format “PDF or XPS”. For those of you who need Add-ins Save as PDF Office 2007, you can download through the following link.

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