Running Linux on Android Phone

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

If you want to running Linux on an android phone there are several options available. Installing Linux on an Android device is to offer a new range of possibilities. You can change your Android device into a full-blown Linux/MySQL/PHP server and also run the web-based application on your Android device. You can install and use favorite features and tools from Linux and run a graphical desktop environment. 

No Root Requirement: KBOX 

In most cases, installing or running Linux on an android phone needs to root the Android system that has risks to the device. KBOX is a miniature single user Linux distribution that is integrated into the direct terminal emulator. KBOX is unavailable in the Google Play store so you need to download the APK package and install the APK manually.  

KBOX features an assortment of Busy Box features, SSH server, and client. Another handful of packages is also available to download from separate downloads. KBOX is not a replacement for full Linux distribution but it presents powerful and flexible tools to backup Android devices. With an SSH server, the user is able to access an Android device with an SSH connection. 

Limbo PC Emulator 

Limbo PC emulator is an app that is popular and allows Android users to run lightweight Linux. With the Limbo emulator, you can use Linux distribution with the graphical desktop environment. Running Limbo also doesn’t need rooting and easy to use. Download the Limbo app to the android device and follow the guide. Limbo is considerably slow but the app has features to improve the performance from the emulator. The feature needs a hard disk file. Therefore, ensure the specification of a component of computer hardware is enough. Otherwise, it will make your phone work slower. 

Linux Deploy

The other option to run Linux on an Android device is using Linux deploys. It is a regular Linux distribution and for this, you need to root the device first. The rooting device process can be a tricky guide. Linux deployable to install Linux into a separate image, file, or partition depending on your desire to choose the installation type list. Linux Deploy allows the user to install a graphical desktop environment. 

When you download and install the Linux emulator, ensure your device has enough specifications. The method of running Linux on the android phone has an advantage and drawbacks because they are free of charge. Choose the best that fits your needs. 

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