Portable Monitors Buying Guide – What to Look for When Choosing the Right One?

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These days, technology is like oxygen to majority of the people. From traveling to household chores, everything involves technology. This massive use of technology gives birth to greater use of applications and software at a time whether at work or at home. People today, whether we talk about a graphic designer, writer, coder, programmer, or call center assistant demand a second display to get more space to spread apps without switching between windows and tabs. You might be thinking of the hassle of holding multiple monitors but what, when it’s portable and light in weight? Catering the huge demand for multiple displays the monitor makers designed the light and thin portable models that are as responsive as their cousin monitors. Before digging deep into the details, let me tell you what basically the portable monitors are.

As the name indicates, The Best Portable Monitors are designed to carry everywhere, as they are light in weight and are slim enough to keep in a purse or backpack. The best thing about these monitors is they are easy to connect with the majority of devices. These are also known as USB-powered monitors as they can be easily connected via USB ports or using HDMI to enjoy working on multiple screens. Additionally, you need not worry about the size; you can have the one in your preferable size. These monitors might seem expensive to many but believe me it worth every penny, as it offers much convenience to the user.

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Technology is introducing changes every now and then that is the reason, all of the leading companies are trying hard to come up with something exceptional having unique specifications and features. Thus, making the final decision on the best portable monitor is still strenuous. Follow the following points to hand on the best one.

What to look for when choosing the right portable monitor?


The very first thing to consider while buying a portable device is its resolution. Low-quality resolution monitors will definitely have low-quality images and vice versa. If you urge to have clear and crisp images go for HD resolution. Keep in mind; portable monitors are either FHD (Full High Definition) or HD (High Definition). Moreover, monitors with higher resolution are a bit expensive comparatively.


Another important thing to consider is the size. No doubt, people prefer different sizes depending on the nature of their work. Though, the highly demanded portable monitors these days are either 17.3 inches or 15.6 inches.


Make sure the portable monitor you selected is compatible with your devices like laptops or desktop computers. Moreover, ensure that it works flawlessly with all operating systems like iOS and Windows.


Another crucial thing to consider is connectivity. Most of the high-end portable monitors available in the market are either connected through USB or HDMI. Make sure to consider all the available options i.e. HDMI, USB, and VGA to make more out of it.

Contrast ratio:

Give considerable importance to the contrast ratio. Try to buy the one offering more colors as you will have more preferences according to your very own comfort.


Weight is another important factor to consider while buying the best portable monitor to dispose of it for multiple purposes. Lighter and slimmer monitors are easy to carry and handle. It will occupy lesser space and one can easily keep it in their backpacks or handbags.


Though considering speakers may not be an important thing to consider for many, it embraces equal importance. Many of the portable monitors are designed with low-quality speakers, good enough to make you hear whatever you want. Though, for better sound quality you can attach an external speaker. While traveling, if you forget your headset, built-in speakers are enough to make your journey enjoyable.


According to the experts, price shouldn’t be a consideration when buying a gadget, but it is the most important factor for majority of the people. Do extensive research, but do not compromise on your very own specifications. So, it is suggested that consider prices before making a purchase. Also, keep in mind; that HDMI portable monitors are expensive compared to USB-powered ones.


Portable monitors are a blessing in disguise for many professionals as well as students. It is the most effortless approach to adding an extra screen to your Mac or PC. You can control many screens through USB ports or HDMI, thus no need for additional power plugs. It is the best of all the gadgets as you can handle all your office chores even while traveling miles apart from your office.

The best thing about Portable Gaming Monitors is they are energy-saving gadgets and help save up to 80% of energy as compared to old monitors. With its USB technology, you can add up to 6 monitors with a single-window installed. Make sure to buy one having several connectivity options like HDMI, USB, and VGA. Do keep in mind; the one you are buying is compatible with both iOS and Windows.  To make more out of your hard-earned money consider the resolution, size, connectivity compatibility, weight, and price of the portable monitor before making the investment. Do read online reviews or make a purchase through an expert to avoid any fuss.

Increasing demand for these devices has forced the manufacturers to introduce a plethora of models having their own definite features and specification. Although, it seems like all of the models are similar all of them have their own uniqueness though share basic features. Consider the above-mentioned points while making the final decision. Keep in mind your very basic need as each model available in the market offer distinguishing features. Markets are over-flooded with quality portable monitors however, the leading manufacturers include HP, GeChich, Lenovo, ASUS, AOS, and the list goes on.

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