No device drivers were found windows 10

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What to Do when Error Message ‘No device drivers were found Windows 10’ Comes Up ?

As a component of computer system, the software drivers has an important function to the work of a device. It is the brain that interprets the action of the users from the input hardware and shows as actions through output hardware. The software can do specific tasks based on the needs of the users.

Sometimes users find problems when running software. For instance, a problem occurred when installing and running Windows 10. The common problem is the error message that suddenly comes up, saying that ‘No device drivers were found Windows 10’. The error happens caused by a variety of different problems. To solve the issues, there are several steps you can try to fix that issues.

How to Solve No Device Drivers Were Found Windows 10

1. You can install the drivers that are not installed by means, press the Windows key +E at the same time, then right-click on your computer, select Properties > Device Manager. Drivers that are not installed will have a question mark icon, please right-click select Update driver.

no device drivers were found windows 10
no device drivers were found windows 10

Or you can also try this way. Prepare the Windows 10 DVD where you used to install the software on the computer. If you don’t have one, try to create a bootable installation media from other computers. After the computer is booting from the Windows installation media, click on Next to proceed next steps. Click on “Repair your computer” from the Recovery Environment to start the repair, then choose “Advanced options“. After that click, the “Command prompt“, fill in your password, and click “Continue“. Wait for the repair process to complete and succeed.

2. Identify what hardware you just plugin on your computer so that there is a message “no device drivers were found windows 10“. Find the software driver via internet or the CD driver that comes with that hardware, then install and restart your computer.

3. Another way is by enabling the xHCl hand-off option you have in BIOS. Some may find this way doesn’t work well, but by disabling the xHCl, it allows BIOS to manage the USB ports and devices, and when you enable it, it will let the operating system manage it. Some prove this way works well with their Windows 8 and Windows 10.

4. When ‘No device drivers were found Windows 10’ pops up in your computer, it is caused by damage to the hardware you inserted on the computer. Repair or replace the device and try again.

5. No device drivers were found windows 10 often occurs on devices that use USB. Check that your operating system and computer are compatible with the USB you are using? If not try replacing it with another.

6. The last solution is that you can try reinstalling your Windows 10 Operating System if the problem is still emerging. You can do it independently or taken to the service place.

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