Ms Office for Ubuntu: How to Install

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The component of computer system including software, hardware, and also CPU or computer processing unit. To help users connect to the device they have, they need the existence of software or operating systems. Or a specific application that runs in their operating system, like Ms Office for Ubuntu.


For Linux users, they can use Google Docs, LibreOffice, or Microsoft Office Web Apps to do this task. And to make this application can work well with the operating system, make sure that you choose the right version. This way will be useful especially for users who still use Windows XP as their OS, and don’t have a plan to upgrade their OS into Windows 7 or 8.

If you wonder what Ubuntu is, it is a Linux-based operating system that is specially designed for network servers, smartphones, and also computers. The principle to develop Ubuntu software is similar to the principles when developing open-source software. It is Canonical Ltd, who developed this system.  

Features of Ubuntu

There are several significant features of Ubuntu, the following are some of them. The first is that Ubuntu supports an office suite that they call LibreOffice. They also support all normal software on Windows like VLC, Firefox, or Chrome. Even you can download and install Ms Office for Ubuntu.

Since it is developed as open-source software, you will find its system is backed up by huge open-source groups. And to ease you looking for content in this OS, you can use their smart searching facility. They have applications for users to manage videos or to edit and view photos.

Ways to Install Ms Office for Ubuntu

For users who want to use Ms. Office for their device with Ubuntu software, they need to use the third application to help you with that. The first way is using Wine which is a program that helps users running Windows programs on Linux. If you have an old version of Office when running Wine, it is fine, since Wine is working well with the old version of it. Wine is free.

The second way for installing Ms Office for Ubuntu, users can use CrossOver. Unlike Wine, CrossOver is a paid product that has a more complete feature than Wine. The crossOver uses the code from Wine. This software helps to test the code so that users don’t find problems when running Microsoft Office and when upgrading them. They also provide you with customer support. Thus, when users need help, they can contact the support services.

MS Office Alternatives for Ubuntu

To use an alternative Ms Office on Ubuntu, you can use software such as Open Office, Office Online, Google Docs, and also WPS Office for Linux. You can find a list of Ms Office alternatives for Linux Operating Systems through article 4 Best Apps to Alter Ms Office on Linux.

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