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Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

Movavi Screen Recorder is a Windows software that is used to record the activity of computer screens and can also be used to accurately capture screenshots on a computer screen. Movavi Screen Recorder is widely used by YouTuber to make video tutorials, this is because Movavi Screen Recorder have simple interface and video quality recordings are very clear.

Movavi Screen Recorder can record computer screen activity along with recording our faces using webcams. It is certainly very useful if we want to create a unique video, as well as branding it with ourselves as our video brand.

In Movavi Screen Recorder We can also set any sound that we want to record, for example we want to record sound from Microphone or Speaker sound, or even set whether the face we want to be displayed or not. Movavi Screen Recorder also gives us the option of whether to display the effect of the cursor when in a click, highlight something or even set a click sound on the cursor.

In addition Movavi Screen Recorder can also be used to take screenshots quickly and give some shapes like circles and rectangles to clarify the purpose of delivering images in the screenshots. In Movavi Screen Recorder We can also use the shortcut for Record/Pause/Stop when working using the Screen recorder. You can download Movavi Screen Recorder via the following link.

Developer: Movavi

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