Minecraft Survival House Ideas

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We all know that a shelter for survival is one of the essential things for us humans. And same applies to Minecraft. Because, just like in real life, it is crucial for your protection to have a survival house in this larger-than-life game. Moreover, if you wish to thrive in different kinds of environments, you need to have not one- but many Minecraft survival house ideas.

If you are an avid player of Minecraft, having several survival house ideas matter a lot. This is because they provide shelter and protection from hostile surroundings. In addition, survival houses allow you to store essential resources for your survival.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best Minecraft survival house ideas to keep in mind. Now, if you are being placed in environments that require different types of survival houses, you know where to come!

Let’s begin!

Top 10 Minecraft Survival House Ideas in 2022

We have compiled the top ten Minecraft survival house ideas for 2022. These concepts can be tried out according to the setting you are placed in the game. Do keep in mind that, you have to choose wisely from the best ideas. Because only you would know which choice fits perfectly to your situation.

1). Build a Cabin in the Jungle

A cabin in the forest is an idea that never gets old. If you also think the same, try out this idea of a cabin in the jungle! Because there is nothing more appealing and convenient than a wooden cabin designed according to your style.

Major benefits:

  • Since it’s made of logs and sticks, the materials are easily available in the woods themselves.
  • It looks natural and is suitable for any forest setting.
  • Moreover, this type of survival shelter lets you modify or expand later on according to your need.

2). Build a Minecraft Igloo

All of us have studied igloos in our childhood. Well, Minecraft lets you build one! Without a doubt, igloos are one the best Minecraft survival house ideas for a cold and snowy environment.

Major benefits:

  • In Minecraft, Igloos are built using snow blocks. Hence, you won’t have to spend a lot of time gathering them as they’d be available in plenty.
  • Apart from that, these Igloos have a lot of room even if they look minimalistic.
  • This means that you can store a lot of resources and also make additions like a brewing station and an enchanting room.

3). Build a Tiny Wooden House

We all can agree that wood is one of our favorite materials to build houses in Minecraft. And, a tiny wooden house is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas in our opinion.

Major benefits:

  • A wooden survival house blends well with a forest landscape.
  • Also, you can expand these tiny wooden houses later on, if requires.
  • Moreover, you obtain wood blocks easily in Minecraft.

4). A Stone House

Sturdiness should be one of your top priorities when comes to building a survival house. And, a small stone house perfectly matches that description. Apart from that, many different varieties of stone are available in the game. So, you can try modifying the simple design of this essential Minecraft stone house.

Major benefits:

  • Stone houses provide great a amount of protection against mobs and other players.
  • Moreover, its simplistic design is easy to follow.
  • For the same reason, a small stone house is an ideal choice to build when you begin a game.

5). Build a Mountain House

Who doesn’t like living on the top of a mountain? And this too is possible on Minecraft. This particular design is included in the list of our top Minecraft survival house ideas mainly due to its appeal. However, building this mountain house won’t be piece of cake if you’re an amateur at the game.

Major benefits:

  • No roof means less work. Also, you can reduce the expenses that would’ve been needed for its blocks.
  • You can carve out this design in any space you need.
  • Moreover, the most used material for this design is wood, which is easy to obtain.
  • Mountain houses are safe to live in.

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6). Build a Simple Wooden House

You can always include a simple yet comfy wooden house among your top Minecraft survival house ideas. Similar to the earlier wooden house models, this concept also going to be fairly easy for you to follow.

Major benefits:

  • As we mentioned earlier, Wooden safe houses are the quickest and easiest option among Minecraft survival house ideas.
  • This design also consists of stone, which adds more strength to your construction.
  • Upon building it, you will realize that it has a simple, yet appealing look to it.

7). Build a Minecraft Dirt House

Dirt Houses are another popular concept in our list of Minecraft survival house ideas. However, some of you would say that it isn’t the best-looking one.

Major benefits:

  • You can build these dirt houses in an instant, with a few blocks of dirt.
  • Also, its small entrance can help you defend against your enemies with ease.
  • You can expand these Minecraft survival houses if you wish to have more space to store your loot.

8). Build a Minecraft Desert Pyramid

If you’re looking for cool Minecraft survival house ideas, this one’s for you! Even if you couldn’t see the magnificent Egyptian pyramids, you can build one in Minecraft. For its construction, you can use some wood for the flooring and a lot of sandstone blocks.

Major benefits:

  • You can easily obtain the required sandstone and wooden blocks.
  • Initially, it may seem difficult to build, but you’ll soon realize why we picked this pyramid in our list of Minecraft survival house ideas.
  • Also, it can be used for storing huge amounts of resources.
  • Since it has two floors, you can use the upper floor for living and the ground floor for your storage purposes.

9). Build a Minecraft Secret Basement

Of all the Minecraft survival house ideas you’ve come across so far, this could be the most useful. Why? Because it’s a secret basement that can be used for many purposes in Minecraft. As simple as it may look, it requires some expertise to build. Also, to make a complete secret basement or storehouse, you need to have some special block types.

Major benefits:

  • You can use them both as a secret hideout or a storage space.
  • In addition, you can build a secret passage to your survival base.
  • As you progress, this type of survival house can come in handy for protection and safekeeping.

10). Quick Winter Cabin

Again, wood is a form of resource that you can find almost anywhere in Minecraft. Also, it requires less expertise to make a quick wooden cabin that’s ideal for a cold environment.

Major benefits:

  • You can build these wooden cabins fairly easily.
  • As it mostly uses wooden blocks, they look natural and will blend in with any surroundings.
  • Moreover, if you would want to modify them for any other purposes, this is the perfect choice for you.

Our top 10 Minecraft survival house ideas are based on the most popular demands. We considered several factors while choosing from the latest and the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

Our main priority was the quickness and ease with which you can build your survival house. Also, if the materials you’d have to collect for your survival house are easily available. In the end, we hope you are safe and sound in your Minecraft world after trying out our best Minecraft survival house ideas in 2022!


What should I put in my Minecraft Survival House?

There are a few great additions that you shouldn’t forget to add to your Minecraft Survival House.
Walls for protection
A workstation room (with cartography table, fletching table, loom, etc.)
Automatic Storage System
Enchanting Room
Nether Portal
Mining Entrance
Crop Farm
Animal Pen
Disposal Unit
Brewing Area

What is the most useful item in Minecraft survival?

Each thing has its usefulness depending on the situation you are in. However, we can list a few of the most useful things in Minecraft survival:
Enchantment Table
Shulker Box
All of them can contribute to helping you create great Minecraft survival house ideas. While some of them such as beds are essentials, a few other items can be highly useful.

What is the best gun in Minecraft?

Mr Crayfish’s Gun Mod is probably the best gun you can have in Minecraft. It adds nine powerful weapons to your game that includes a pistol and a bazooka.
The collected guns can be modified by adding silencers, grips, et cetera. In addition, you can add enchantments to your gun or any other weapon to make it reach its best potential.

How do you make a good house in Minecraft survival mode?

First, you have to be thorough in how to make a house in Minecraft. There are several YouTube videos that show the procedure.
You must begin with clearing the ground and gathering the required resources. Then, you can make use of great Minecraft survival house ideas from the internet as references. Don’t forget to include the essential and useful items and rooms as you build.

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