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If there is a game that can truly give wings to your imagination, it’s Minecraft. It allows you to create unique and cool structures of both large and small sizes. However, our human nature is to be rather confused and unclear when there are too many choices. And when it comes to Minecraft, it can literally baffle you because, in Minecraft, building ideas are unlimited. If you are also confused about what things to build in Minecraft, you have come to the right place! Because in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best Minecraft building ideas. 

This list of Minecraft building ideas is carefully curated to fit into what most of you would look forward to building. Hence, it will consist of various cool Minecraft builds and other cute things to build in Minecraft including some great Minecraft cafe ideas!

Top 10 things to build in Minecraft

1. Build a Minecraft Cabin in the Jungle: 

A simple yet beautiful home is what most of us want in Minecraft and in real life. And, a cabin in the woods is the perfect answer for that. It could take you a little more than the first house you built on Minecraft, but you will soon realize, that it is worth it. 

Cabins in the jungle will always be among the top cool Minecraft builds because, 

– They can be made using local materials in the surroundings.

– Cabins are simple and easy to make. 

– Also, you can add underground storage space in your cabin for the resources you gather from the woods.

2. Minecraft Fantasy Tree House:

Tree houses are another concept that will blend in well with your forest landscape. It can be an ideal choice among things to build in Minecraft, as it allows you to exercise your creative faculties.

Fantasy Tree Houses are cool things to build in Minecraft because:

– You can build larger-than-life structures that complement a forest landscape.

– You can make fantastically large tree houses, that can remind you of fairy tales.

– Also, they are easy to make, with materials from the surroundings.

3. Minecraft Small Church

Churches have always excelled in architecture and design. Where else but in Minecraft can you build gothic-looking and cool churches?

Having a church can also add more depth to your town. Additionally, the following reasons make churches a great choice among Minecraft building ideas:

– A church can act as a central building in your town.

– Also, it can give a backstory to your settlement, leading to more cool Minecraft builds.

– In addition, there are several samples of churches available across the internet.

4. Minecraft Small Yellow Café:

If you are looking for Minecraft cafe ideas, you should go for a yellow-colored small cafe! Small yellow cafes and shops are cute things to build in Minecraft and they’ll please both your eyes and soul. Why? Because

– Small cafes can be a great addition to your crowded Minecraft city.

– Plus, you won’t need to acquire varieties of blocks to create a simple café.

– On top of that, small cafes would not require a whole lot of space.

– And cafes are easy to build.

5. Build a Cute House in Minecraft:

Houses are always the go-to cute things to build in Minecraft. These cute little houses can definitely make you feel at home and give some great inspiration. Additionally, with the materials available, you can decorate and stylize your Minecraft house according to your wish. 

Why should you choose small houses among the things to build in Minecraft? Let’s see:

– Small houses are practical and easy to build.

– Also, they provide you with endless choices to decorate in and around.

– Can design it in a way that fits well with your landscape.

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6. Tall Medieval House in Minecraft:

Are you also one of those people who are tired of the same old types of Minecraft houses? Well, you can add some horror to your world with an eerie-looking medieval house. Tall medieval houses are considered cool Minecraft builds because:

– They can be built with the materials available around you.

– Additionally, they can provide you with more inspiration to create a horror setting.

7. Build a Minecraft Castle:

All of us can agree that castles are favorites among Minecraft building ideas. However, they can take up a lot of your time. But if you make a castle with an outer wall, inner keep, catapults, and a surrounding town, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it!

Castles are cool Minecraft builds due to a number of reasons:

– Because they can add a more medieval look to your Minecraft town.

– You can exercise your creative faculties and even build a whole story around them.

– Besides, castles allow you to experiment with a variety of materials and designs.

8. Build a Starbucks café in Minecraft:

As we told you earlier, cafes are probably the best choice if you are looking for cute things to build in Minecraft. And, Starbucks will always stay trendy among Minecraft cafe ideas. Besides being trendy, the reasons that really made us put Starbucks on this list of cool Minecraft builds are:

– They are a great choice to build in your bustling Minecraft city.

– Besides, its cool and minimalistic design is iconic and highly appealing.

9. Minecraft Underwater Base:

Who wouldn’t want to build a cool underwater base in Minecraft? Most of us have only seen underwater buildings in Hollywood movies. But in Minecraft, it can become reality. And guess what? Underwater bases are popular among those who look for cool Minecraft builds.

10. Build a Minecraft Airport:

What more can you ask for if you can build a whole Airport!? Well, you can do that in Minecraft, and that too, with flying planes! Hence, we consider this one of the best Minecraft building ideas.

Moreover, if you are building a whole city in Minecraft, an airport is a must. And if there are no flying planes, is an airport really functioning?

Apart from basic constructions around the airport, you can experiment with its surroundings to make it super fun.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top things to build in Minecraft. Apart from being easy to build, these cool Minecraft builds can inspire you to come up with more original ideas for things to build in Minecraft.


How do you make the best Minecraft build?

The best way to come up with great Minecraft building ideas is by giving it a unique and fantastic appearance both outside and inside. Adding furniture, putting different walls, and dividing larger spaces into dedicated smaller rooms are some of the great ways to experiment and come up with the best Minecraft build. Upon seeing your unique design, other players are bound to get blown away.

What is the best thing to build a house within Minecraft?

Most of the block types can be effective when you begin making houses in Minecraft. You can choose between cobblestone, dirt, or wood for building a house. Gravel and sand blocks can also be used, but you can’t make a good roof with them as they will collapse.
Also, using wood blocks to make a house is not always the best idea, as it has a higher chance of catching fire. Hence, the best thing to make a house is stone or other types of mined blocks.

How to get building ideas in Minecraft?

You can take inspiration from our list of best Minecraft Building Ideas or other top concepts from YouTube videos or website blogs. Or else, you can give experiment and come up with ideas of your own as it can help improve your creative faculty and imagination.

What are some best Minecraft Cafe Ideas?

Minecraft Small Yellow Cafe is a great concept worth trying out. It is one of the cute things to build in Minecraft and can be a great addition to your Minecraft city as it adds to its diversity.
Or better, you can build a Starbucks Café on Minecraft. We have listed why it is one of the best Minecraft Cafe ideas ever. If you want to know how to build a Starbucks Café, quick guides are available for you to follow step-by-step or use as a reference.

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