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Lightworks is one of the most popular video editor software that is very supportive for multi platforms (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). Lightworks is almost similar to other video editors, where this video editor software also offers almost the same menus or features as other video editor software.

For Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users, Lightworks can be an option because in general video editor software is almost all the same. It’s just that there are usually slight differences in the interface as well as the advanced features offered.

A Little More Familiar with Lightworks

This video editor supports cross-platform operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. In addition to offering the free version, Lightworks also offers a pro version that has more features. Even so, the free version is also quite capable for just simple video editing.

The interface and features offered are very simple, making it easier for the user. However, regarding the actual interface almost all similar software has a design that is not much different.

Lightworks Features

1) Histogram Graph.
2) Lightworks Support for GoPro, Canon and Etc.
3) Right click “Render” option for clips in the sequence timeline.
4) Ability to “Slide” an effect crossfade trim.
5) 16-bit GPU precision.
6) Have ‘Media files‘ management on timeline segments.
7) Support for 60fps video.
8) Support template format for Social Media like YouTube and etc.

Lightworks Download

You can install Lightworks on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux only for 64-bit systems. To install on your platform is certainly in accordance with the application installation procedure according to the operating system you use. You can download Lightworks for all operating systems via the following link.

Developer: LWKS Software Ltd

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