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KeyTurion is a professional computer monitoring software with end-to-end encryption

The program tracks actions performed on a given computer, including the text typed in or the visited websites.

Monitoring is performed in the background in a non-intrusive manner, hence the comfort of using the device remains unchanged. KeyTurion has been created as a result of perennial experience in the field of computer monitoring.

The easiness of use and vast configuration options make the application perfect for monitoring actions performed on a computer either at home or in a company.

Remarkable possibilities of monitoring the user’s activeness, activating alerts, and the possibility of changing settings, including filtering, enable efficient detection of internal threats within a given organization without interfering with the operation of a particular computer or decreasing its performance.

The PRO version of the application has been created for companies and organizations, which constitute places where a discrete monitoring of many computers is often necessary.

Developer: KeyTurion

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