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Internet Explorer is a legendary browser that has existed since the Windows operating system was created. Although it seems Microsoft is less attention in developing this Internet Explorer browser. So that computer users and especially the Internet users assume that Internet Explorer browser less stable and fast.

Many people make funny pictures aka “Meme” to describe this Internet Explorer browser, here is a sample of funny “Meme” pictures from Internet Explorer.

Disclaimer: This is just humor and doesn’t mean to insult

Internet Explorer Meme Images

  1. Requires Patience

Because using Internet Explorer is perceived by some internet users is very slow, therefore Appear “Meme” with the theme takes patience. In “Meme” it is told a Student being questioned by the presenter / may be a lecturer, who wants a patience. What a surprise when the student answering him using Internet Explorer with a connection that is still 2G. See the following Meme picture.

  1. About Who Deserves

It’s still around a topic almost identical to point 1. This time someone made a Meme about Internet Explorer. It is felt by some Internet users that Internet Explorer is slow so there are people who make “Meme” the tortoise is probably the right user for Internet Explorer. 😀

  1. Form of Slow

Almost the same as topic number 1 and 2. Internet Explorer may indeed be considered some people a little slow if used to access the internet. So there is someone who makes a “Meme” with the title “3 Forms of Slow”. Here is the “Meme”.

That’s a funny meme about the Internet Explorer browser. This article is used for entertainment only and there is no intention to insult any party.

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