Installing Whatsapp on PC Without Phone

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

If you spend most of your work time on PC, getting Whatsapp on your PC will save you time and improve your productivity since you do not need to open your Phone. It is possible installing Whatsapp on pc without a phone. The official Whatsapp Web enables its users to open and use Whatsapp on a computer. However, users need to use their smartphones to scan the QR code authentication. The web also only works when the phone is connected to the network and turned on. 

Method to Install Whatsapp without Phone  

If you want to run Whatsapp on a PC without turning on your phone with Whatsapp Web, you can install it from another method. When installing Whatsapp on pc without a phone it needs an Android emulator app. You can download an Android emulator such as BlueStack or Andy to use Whatsapp on PC. Here is step by step to download and install Whatsapp on PC with BlueStack emulator. 

1). Download BlueStack emulator from BlueStack on PC. Install the app and enable Google Playstore from BlueStack. Find Whatsapp Messenger and install it on your PC. Once the Whatsapp app is installed on your PC, enter the phone number to get your Whatsapp account. Fill in the activation code that sends to your mobile phone number. 

2). BlueStack is free to download and install but when you run on modest hardware you should negotiate with the lag issue. The application is considered as heavy as its size 500MB. To have a smooth Whatsapp run on your PC with BlueStack, you need at least RAM 4GB. You also need to check if the processor computer can run effectively two systems, Android and Windows at once, in BlueStack. 

Install Whatsapp with APK software 

The other alternative to install Whatsapp on your PC without your phone is by using APK software. While you install BlueStack for running Whatsapp on PC, you might see issues and limitations. It is common as third-party software, which triggers risks on bricking your PC. If you do not have enough specification it doesn’t guarantee your android emulator will work smoothly. Have an android emulator for your PC able to compare that your PC practically has two computers in the one resource. Good specs of a component of computer hardware of 500 GB HDD, 8GB RAM, and 2.5GHZ is enough. Without good specs, installing Whatsapp on pc without a phone will make your computer work slower. 

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