Installation of Operating System

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The component of a computer system includes the hardware, software, and also the Computer Processing Unit, CPU. The element of the software is the operating system that is installed on the computer. The main duty of OS is to interpret action from users and communicate it with the output hardware. The installation of the operating system depends on the version of the OS you choose for the computer.

The Definition of Operating System

The operating system or OS is software that helps programs installed in your computer to run. Its main job is to bridge the hardware and users. Every computer machine like smartphones, tablets, or desktops must have an operating system to give users the basic functionality of a device.

Common operating systems for desktops are Linux, OS X, and also Windows. Each OS will have its pros and cons. Users can choose one that meets their needs. Most OS provide the users with the ability to manage folders and files or give a graphical user interface.

The OS also allows users to install and run programs specialized for the OS. For instance, OS X is designed to run on Apple devices and systems, while for Linux and Windows, users can install it on almost all standard PC hardware. Also, consider the hardware you choose because it will affect the OS you can run.

Types of Operating Systems

Once you conduct the installation of operating system, it will help to manage all the basic tasks like managing memory, process, and files. It means the operating system performs as a connector between the machine and users, it also acts as a resource manager. There are several types of operating systems that are mostly used among users.

The first is the Batch Operating System that is used mostly for bank statements and payroll systems. This operating system does not directly interact with the hardware or a computer. There will be an operator that will group the tasks into batches based on the needs.

The distributed operating system is another type of OS. This operating system helps users to access files or data that are not in their system by using a network connection. Once your devices are connected to the network, users can remotely access the data. This type of OS is a recent advancement users can find in the computer technology world. When you allow the installation of the operating system, you will get several benefits. One of them is that Distributed OS will increase your data exchange speed as well as reduce delays in the data processing.

The following is an example video of Installing Debian Operating System on a Computer.

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