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FTP or file transfer protocol is a method for sharing files that run on default port 22. There are many benefits of FTP, including that we can easily send and receive files or documents between server computers and client computers.
On Ubuntu itself there is an application called Proftpd. This application is what we will use in the discussion on how to install FTP Server on Ubuntu. For the tutorial, please refer to the following.

1.) First of all, before starting to run any installation on Ubuntu it would be nice to update the package and repository first, please use the following command.

[text]apt-get update[/text]

2.) Then do the command for proftpd installation.

[text]apt-get install proftpd[/text]

3.) Once you are done, you can actually use FTP directly, try opening it in your browser by typing ftp: // ip-you, or use third-party software such as FTP Client, like FileZilla. Your username and password are your default Ubuntu username and password, with default port 22.

4.) To edit the port and also the active directory on proftpd, please edit the proftpd.conf file as follows.

[text]nano /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf[/text]

5.) After finishing configuring the file, don’t forget to restart.

[text]/etc/init.d/proftpd restart[/text]

The following is a video tutorial that can more easily explain to you.

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