Instagram Apk For Android

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Humera hallari

Instagram is social network which specialized used by people to share photos, videos and memorable moments in real time. In instagram in addition to sharing moments, many people who use it for the purpose of business promotion to sell a product.

Because users of instagram are quite a lot, make instagram into a fairly effective means as a media campaign. So what are instagram features?

  • Instagram Stories

With this feature you can share to your friends whatever you do all day, the things you share in instagram stories will be automatically deleted after 1×24 hours.

  • Instagram Live

With instagram live feature you can share videos in real time with your friends and they are can watch your video at that moment.

  • Share Pictures

In instagram of course you can easily share pictures, photos and your works in pictures format. After you upload, your photos / pictures will be neatly lined in your profile timeline. Before uploading images on your instagram you also provide a simple editing tool that you can use to give different effect for your photos / pictures.

  • Video Sharing

In addition to sharing pictures, in instagram you can also share moments / works in video format. Until now you can only share videos with a short duration of between 3-60 seconds on instagram.

  • Sending message

In instagram you can also send messages to other users directly. This of course helps you who want to get acquainted / contact person with more private.

  • HashTag and Tagging

In instagram you can also use the hashtag feature so that what you share appears in certain searches. Also in instagram you can also tag some people by listing their username.

For those of you who want to try instagram you can download it through link below.

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