How to use Two Whatsapp in Dual SIM Phone

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Use two WhatsApp in a dual sim phone is possible with a certain phone. People use a dual SIM phone because it is more practical than bringing two phones for a different purpose. A Dual-SIM number means you may need a dual app for your phone, including Whatsapp. Some phone manufacturers such as RealMe, Oppo, Redmi, and others have clone settings apps that enable users to clone their favorite apps in a dual SIM environment. 

The Clone Apps 

  • Install Whatsapp Messenger application from Google Play Store. If your phone has already been installed then update to the last version.
  • Open Settings app to use Dual Apps feature. The term can be the difference for another phone. Dual Apps feature for Xiaomi smartphone, Clone Apps for Oppo smartphone, App Twin for Honor Smartphone, and Dual Messenger for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. 
  • When the mentioned feature clicks, there lists of apps that are available to work with the feature. The apps can clone by a toggle into the right side app. Turn on the toggle and start the process with instructions to clone the apps including Whatsapp. The clone app also works with other apps as it is compatible with the type of computer hardware from the device. 
  • After the application clone ends, the user will navigate to the home screen or launcher app menu to find the additional Whatsapp icon. The additional icon is the cloned app and the user is able to start configuring the account. 
  • For other types of phones which are not featured with this clone app feature, they can use an android emulator or apk to download a second Whatsapp. 

Using WhatsApp Business

The other alternative for using two Whatsapp in dual SIM phones is by using a Whatsapp Business account. 

The Benefit of Use Whatsapp Business in your Phone 

Whatsapp Business account is another option to use two Whatsapp in dual SIM phone. Whatsapp Business is designed for professionals who open an online store, customer service, and more. You can do things like that with Whatsapp Business. Whatsapp Business makes your service more professional. 

  1. You can use Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business at the same time on one device. 
  2. You can separate personal chatting messenger with professional messenger 
  3. Protect your client’s private number from your client. 

Whatsapp Business designed to work in SMEs. It has integrated with Fonvirtual services that allow the user to personalized and customized customer service for a client. Use Whatsapp Business for your secondary numbers not risk your device from harm software or APK. It is the alternative to use two Whatsapp in dual sim phone without rooting your device with APK, clone apps, and safety. 

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