How to Test Computer Keyboard

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera hallari

Has your keyboard a problem? To be able to find out what exactly happens on your computer keyboard, here I will give two ways how to check the computer keyboard conditions whether functioning normally or not.

  • Using keyboard check sites
  1. Go to site
  2. Click “Launch the Tester
  3. In the input field please type your computer keyboard, if normal input is marked with a green border on the keyboard character, you can also change the indicator sound on
  4. This site has advantages, if your keyboard repeatedly pressed the button will be easily detected through voice indicator “click” or “josh“, please adjust to your liking.
  • Using keyboard tester
  1. Download the portable keyboard tester here.
  2. You can check the condition of your computer keyboard is normal or not by pressing every character that is on your keyboard. Look at the color indicator as well as the response when you press a key on the keyboard. If the color is green and the response is normal/appropriate, then the keyboard character you press in fine condition. If the character buttons you press like don’t want to stop/the indicator shows colors other than green the chances of the characters on your keyboard being damaged.
  3. After finding the problem that occurred on your keyboard, you will soon be able to take action quickly to repair or replace a broken keyboard. In addition to checking the condition of the keyboard, you can also check the condition of your mouse.

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