How to Stabilize Internet Connection in Windows 10

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Often annoyed that the download never ends? Or is the connection often disconnected without cause when playing online games? Cliche problem is often experienced by computer users, especially who using Windows 10 OS. Internet network while in a state of stable and tend to tight, but somehow the connection is disrupted.

If you have this, you are not only annoyed but can be angry until the end of patience. Especially if downloads have been eagerly awaited for hours, instead of producing results even zonk. But don’t worry because there will be given some brief explanation on how to speed up download (windows 10) with efforts to stabilize the connection.

Easy Ways to Stabilize Connections In Windows 10

  1. Use CMD to Know Connection Stability

The first and easiest way to check connections that even a layman can do is to use “Command Prompt” or CMD. Use the CMD feature on your computer to check which internet connection is in use. CMD can see Ping connection and show how stable your Connection. To operate CMD is not difficult, ie simply open the search menu on the windows page or click the Windows + R button simultaneously. In the CMD type field and hit enter, wait for a few moments.

After that will appear CMD page, type “ping” without the follow the quotes. If your connection is completely streamlined, ping will appear every second without pause. But if otherwise, will appear Requested time out sentence. This means your connection is in trouble and needs to be checked. Check back the modem or internet network you’re using, there could be a technical error that keeps the browser from running. You can contact your internet provider if you find it difficult.

2. Uninstall Windows 10 Default Applications That Are Not Too Important

Windows 10 recognized or not by default installs many applications that take internet connection, call it like Cortana, Xbox, Windows Store, Mail and Calendar, 3D Paint, Maps, View 3D, and other applications.

You can uninstall these apps if they are not needed. How to uninstall just type search Windows 10 “Apps & Features“, click the application you want to uninstall and select “Uninstall“. If it can’t be uninstalled you can use Iobit Uninstaller to uninstall the default Windows 10 app. Simply open Iobit Uninstaller then choose “Windows Apps” menu, then click the trash icon to uninstall the default Windows 10 app that you don’t want to use it.

  1. Task manager

Internet connection isn’t streamlined can be caused by various factors. One of them applications that use internet connection is too big. This is often not realized by the computer users, especially Windows 10. To work around this, you can open the task manager to check and dismiss the application. By dismissing applications that may not be necessary, your internet connection will be stable again and the download will come back streamlined.

To run the task manager isn’t difficult, just press keyboard “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” simultaneously. The screen will instantly display the task manager along with applications that may suck internet connection. If you don’t really need it, you can press the end task button or just double-click on the application. Cortana includes applications that suck the most use of the connection when the computer is operated.

  1. Software

If possible, try to install software click download Netlimiter. This software helps you limit the speed of internet connection and its usage. The free program you can download to help stabilize the internet connection, especially on certain applications. Not difficult to install this application, just follow all directed installation instructions. When it opens, you can choose which browser to use in settings.

At the limit, change the number or speed limit used. This limit will help you get the speed when downloading. The connection speed will also remain stable during your download process. So no need to worry about stopping in the middle of the road or suddenly the connection is lost and everything fails.

  1. Notification

Turning off notifications in Windows 10 could be the most appropriate solution for you to maintain the connection speed. To stop the notification, open the settings in Windows 10, then select the system icon. In the menu on the left, choose notifications and actions. Search show app notifications, then disable the feature. Automatically notifications will stop logging into your Windows page.

Or if on a Windows 10 desktop screen, you can right-click on Windows 10 built-in apps like Windows Store, Weather Forecast, Xbox, after right click select “More“> “Turn Live Tile Off“.

That’s a simple tutorial on how to speed up and try to stabilize the Windows 10 internet connection.

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