How to Solve Windows 10 Network Adapter Driver Missing Issue

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Nobody will piss off when they meet with a network adapter driver missing issue when working with their Windows 10 computer. Many of us face this problem. The network adapter missing can be a problem and here are solutions to help you solve the problem. 

The Easy Solution

The easy and simple solution to solve the network adapter driver missing is to restart your PC. Restarting devices is the magical advanced cure of computer technology. Reboot your computer and check again if the network adapter is back. The next solution if the issue still does not work, you can put the computer in sleep mode. Some users suggested that putting the computer in sleep mode can solve the network adapter missing issue. If you use a VPN, you can disable it or uninstall it for a while before restarting your computer. The last, if these steps above are still unable to solve your network adapter issue, you can reset the network setting. 

Troubleshoot Network Issue 

Windows 10 has a troubleshooting solution that is known well for solving various issues including network adapter issues. Here is a step to take to do a troubleshooter for the network adapter. 

  1. Open Settings in the start menu 
  2. Click Update > security 
  3. Choose “Troubleshoot” in the left sidebar. Scroll down and choose “network adapter” > Run the troubleshooter. Follow any instructions on-screen to start running the troubleshooter process. 

Update network adapter driver 

If the network adapter visible in the device manager, you can try to update it. Some bugs in the old/outdated driver sometimes can cause trouble with the network adapter. To update the network driver follow the steps below. 

  1. Right-click the Start Menu >> Device Manager  or type Device Manager on Search bar to see it.
  2. Right Click on “Network adapter” and choose update driver. 
  3. Complete the updating process and restart when finished. 

Hidden Driver in device Manager 

In case when your network adapter doesn’t appear in the device manager, then it might be hidden. To make the network adapter visible, follow these instructions. 

  1. Open Device Manager. 
  2. Click View icon in top toolbar > choose Show hidden device
  3. Click the Action tab and choose “Scan for Hardware Changes”.
  4. Update when the adapter list under the Unknown device. 

Update your Windows service too and also recommend doing for maximum performance of your computer. The mismatch between the recent Windows version and network adapter can create a network adapter driver issue. To update your windows service, the component of computer hardware needed to be checked. It will prevent network adapter driver missing appearing and make your software work well. 

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