How to Record Screen on Android

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Hello Everyone! Nice to see you again. Before we directly go to the topic of today’s article, we have some questions for you, Guys! Maybe nowadays, it’s not a rare things anymore for us to be able to capture our own phone screen. But how about the prior time while there is no name of screen recorder? Had you ever wondered how to record your phone screen, instead of recording a video that we’d known well for a long time.

That’s why in this pretty occasion, we will be going to give you some tips about the way recording phone screen in android. We know that some of you have understood it very well actually. Anyway we will give you more complete explanation about that. Check it out!

The screen recorder on an android’s phone are generally distinguished into two kinds. Those are screen recorder which is automatically given by the android’s phone, and screen recorder that we have to download it at first before we can use it. Without further out of point, we will explain both of them about the step to use it, the advantages of them and so does the disadvantages.

The default screen recorder is a permanent application. So we can’t erased it from our phone. Mostly, this application is only able to record phone screen without any voices, whether a voice come from the phone itself or from the outside of the phone. The advantage is we don’t have to bother ourselves by downloading this application again. We can just use it by free. But the disadvantage of this default application is we can’t record the screen and sounds at once.

For example, we are recording our phone screen by using this default application while the music in our phone is ringing. We will get the result of the screen recording only without the sounds of the music come from the phone. This picture below is the example of a default screen recorder:

How to Record Screen on Android
How to Record Screen on Android
(1.1 The image of a default screen recorder application)

Then the non-default screen recorder or we may call it as an application which requires us to download it first on Play Store or another downloaders. This kind of application has a lot of varieties and of course each of them also has their own qualities and their own additional features. In most cases, those application are divided into three kinds. Those are:

First, an application which is able to record a screen only, such the default application from android that I’ve explained above. But this application, of course, still has to be downloaded on Play Store or another downloaders. Maybe you’ll get a question, why we must download it again if it’s been already available in our android phone? It is useless, isn’t it? However sometimes, this problem occurs because of the androids used doesn’t have a complete features yet such as a default screen recorder. So willy-nilly, we have to download it if we need it.

Second, an application which is able to record a screen and both voices from the inside of the phone. So if we, for example, are recording a phone screen while playing a music in the phone and also singing the music by our own voice (dubbing). The recording result will only display the screen and the sounds of the music, not with our voices.

Third, is an application which is able to record a screen, voices come from inside the phone and voices come from outside the phone. Thus, if we have the same cases from the example of the second application, we will get the result of three of them. We will get the result of screen recording, added by the sounds of the music and also added by our voices. This application is the most complete one than the two applications before.

How to Record Screen on Android-2
How to Record Screen on Android
A sample of an installed application in android

This kind of application in the picture above is an application which is able to do the three features at once. So, it can record a screen and both sounds from inside and outside a phone.

Then the next question is how to use the two general of the screen recording applications? It is very easy, Guys. For the default application which is available from the android, we can just click the application and it will be automatically recording. For the screen recorder that we have to download first, it can be like this (use an example of installed application in the picture below).

How to Record Screen on Android-3
How to Record Screen on Android
Open the application and click the red button in the middle down of the main screen.

Afterwards, the application will be automatically recording your phone screen. But other than that, sometimes some screen recorders such this one have another additional features like a video editor. For this application in the picture, video editor can be found next to the red button, with the pen image button.

How to Record Screen on Android-4
How to Record Screen on Android
And the last, we can edit our video as like as we want

That’s how to record the screen using Android, actually there are many other applications besides the ones we mentioned and you can try your best.

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