How to Maintain Well the Hardware Device of Computer?

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

The hardware device of the computer needs good maintenance. Hardware is hardware equipment found on a computer and we can see its shape. Generally, most of the hardware components are supplied by electrical energy. And in general, the existing hardware components are very vulnerable to damage caused by liquid objects such as oil and water.

No matter how durable and expensive our computers are and how good the component of computer hardware is, we still need to take care of them so that they are durable and also durable, of course, before doing maintenance, we also have to know the types of maintenance that are on computer hardware. The following types of computer hardware maintenance:

The types of maintenance

Passive care

Passive maintenance is a type of computer maintenance that is not accompanied by repair, and generally, passive maintenance is only checking the condition of the device and also cleaning it. For the passive treatment itself, it can be done on a scheduled basis, for example, once a year or once a month.

Active Care

Active maintenance is maintenance on computer devices that are accompanied by repairs, and usually, this virgin is often done when one of the computer devices has a problem, for example, when the keyboard is stuck, of course at that time we will just do maintenance. Because basically, active maintenance will be more inclined to make repairs when the computer has trouble. To do this active maintenance itself is not scheduled, because when the computer is in trouble, we do hardware maintenance on the computer.

How to Perform Computer Hardware Maintenance

For the hardware device of the computer to remain good, it needs regular maintenance. The steps for caring for computer hardware are as follows:

  • As much as possible the electric voltage consumed by the computer remains stable. The power supply voltage is too low and too high both damage the computer hardware, so use a Stabilizer and UPS to keep this up.
  • Turn on and turn off the computer according to the procedure, never immediately unplug the computer power cord while the computer is operating, this condition also applies even if the computer “hangs”. this action is very dangerous to the stability of the computer power supply.
  • The computer must be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Do not put a glass etc. filled with water to avoid splashing water on the hardware.
  • Avoid placing magnetic/magnetic devices around the computer, as this will clutter the monitor and this can damage the CPU unit’s internal hardware.
  • Periodically clean the computer from adhering dust using a paintbrush, softly wipe the air vacuum cleaner (vacuum mini cleaner).

Of course, keeping the hardware in top condition will support your productivity in working indirectly. That is a little information about how to maintain the hardware device of a computer well.

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