How to Convert Disk to GPT on Installation

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When you perform a Windows installation there are times when you cannot continue the installation process because the type of hard disk partition you have are not the same as the bootable type you want to use. No need to worry you can actually convert the type of partition of your hard disk by using the diskpart command. How to do that?

By using the diskpart command you can convert hard disk partitions such as gpt, mbr, basic, and also dynamic. To do this please follow these steps.

How to Convert Hard Disk Partition When Installing Windows

1. When you arrive at the step to activate Windows, please press SHIFT + F10 button at the same time. This is done to open a command prompt window.

convert disk partition on windows installation
convert disk partition on windows installation

2. Then type the following command:
list disk
select disk 0
convert gpt

3. Note:
disk 0” the hard disk you want to convert, you can see all the list of available hard drives after typing the list disk command, please replace disk 0 according to what you want to convert.
convert gpt” is the type of conversion you want to get, you can replace gpt with the one you want for example: mbr, basic, dynamic.

By using this method, the problem of incompatibility of your hard disk partition will not be a problem anymore when you want to install Windows. For note when converting hard disk your data and files will be lost entirely on the hard drive you converted, so you should be careful and always backup your important files before doing this.

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