How to Convert CR2/CRW Photos to JPG?

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Humera hallari

CR2 Photos from Camera Canon Digital, is format or extensions made by Canon Camera. To Convert photo from CR2/CRW you can using software Pixilion Image Converter. You Can download here.

To Convert Photos from CR2/CRW do the following tutorial.

  1. Install Pixilion Image Converter.
  2. Open Pixilion Image Converter.
  3. Select Add File(s) button.
  4. Choose from dropdown menu, Canon Digital Photograph (cr2, crw).
  5. Configure OutPut Folder for your results.
  6. Output format, select JPG.
  7. Click Convert and you’re done.

To see tutorial in the video, you can see this video below.

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