How to check a Keyboard Hardware using Software

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

Sometimes if we want to buy a laptop the most common thing we check is whether the keyboard function is still normal or something is broken. Keyboard function of the laptop is very important therefore it needs special attention when it will buy it, especially if laptops condition is second/secondhand goods.

To check laptops for non-IT people may be very troublesome, but now there is Software capable to check all keyboard functions whether normal, dead, or even errors such as pressing continuously.

To check the keyboard condition on a laptop please follow the following guidelines.

1) Download Keyboard Tester Portable, this application doesn’t need to install, please to get it you can click here.

2) Extract the results of your download, then run the application “Keyboard Test Portable. exe“. On the screen will appear a virtual keyboard with all characters and numbers, you can press one by one your Keyboard on the laptop, and if functioning normally will be marked in green color, in case of damage will be marked in red, if the keyboard doesn’t work then color will not appear. See the following screenshots.

How to Check Keyboard Function with Software
How to Check Keyboard Function with Software

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