How Do I Find Out An Unknown Caller?

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It’s annoying when you receive an unknown number call on your phone. You can easily block any number But, It will be hard to figure out an unknown caller number or no caller ID. Don’t worry in this article, we will show you some simple ways to find out an unknown caller. First, know how these people hide their numbers while calling you.

How Do Callers Hide Numbers?

There is a feature called No Caller ID. It helps a caller hide their caller ID or number, the call appears as an unknown number. This feature works on Android phones and IOS. All it takes is entering a few numbers before calling.

Open the phone app and dial *67 before the phone number you want to call. This action blocks your caller ID, and the receiver will not be able to see your caller ID. The receiver will see No Caller ID or Private Number.

Some people misuse this feature to harass someone or to do other illegal activities. That’s why you need to know how to find an unknown caller.

How To Find Out An Unknown Caller?

There are some methods to find out the unknown caller. Finding out can help you to block the person’s number and stop receiving the calls.

Method 1: Use Call Return (*69 code to trace unknown numbers)

Calling back to the phone number directly is the best way to check out the unknown caller. But how to call a private number when it’s hidden? Dial *69. Dialing *69 will redial the last number you missed on your phone. This works for unknown or hidden calls.

This service is available only in the USA. It works for both Mobile phones and Landlines. But, keep in mind this service may charge for it depending on your Mobile phone plans.

Method 2: Contact To Your Phone Company (*57 code to trace unknown numbers)

Phones companies have all the records of your calls. Dailing *57 will directly connect you with local law enforcement officials. Users should use *57 only when an unknown caller harasses them on a phone call. But, not every carrier supports this function.

This function is also chargeable. And after failing *57 contact your nearest police station to confirm that you need their service. Dailing *57 police will be able to track the unknown calls you received and take action against them. Use *57 only when you need extra help to get rid of unknown calls.

Method 3: Using websites or app

A phone number tracking app can identify an unknown number. In today’s time, there are some apps or websites that can be helpful to you.


With the help of Trapcall, You can unmask and block these numbers and find out their phone number, name, or even their address. Trapcall is the best to unmask no-caller ID calls.

TrapCall Functions:

  • Automatically block spam calls.
  • Record incoming calls.
  • Help to unmask No caller ID.
  • With the help of Trapcall, you can put these numbers on a blacklist.

How to start the Trapcall service:

  • Download Trapcall on Android or IOS.
  • Set up an account
  • When you get a No Caller ID number just reject or decline the call.
  • When you decline the calls, the call is forwarded to Trapcall.
  • After that, Trapcall unmasks them and forwards them back to your phone with the number.

TrapCall does a good job of unmasking No Caller ID. Trapcall is a subscription-based service. You need to go to the website and sign up. After that, you can activate this service on your mobile phone. This works on both Android and IOS.

There is a free trial option on Trapcall. You can check their trial version here.

Unknown Caller
How Do I Find Out An Unknown Caller? 5


BeenVerified is a simple way to track a number only if it’s displayed. It is a website that provides a search service. Just enter a phone number, and you will know the name of the owner. Just following 2 steps, you will know the name of who’s behind the call.

1) Go to the BeenVerified search web page.


2) Enter a phone number and tap on the search now. It will take some time for the report. After that, you can check out all the available information about the caller. Like Name, Contact Info, and Social media account.

Note: Been Verified is not free. There is no trial for this website you have to purchase a monthly plan one or three months billing plan.

Block Unknown Calls On Phone

Every mobile phone manufacturer has made an in-built feature to block unknown callers.

Block Unknown Calls On iPhone

  • Go to your mobile Setting.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Phone.
  • Click Silence, Unknown Callers.

Block Unknown Calls On Android

  • Open the call logs on your Phone.
  • Select the number you want to block.
  • Click, on the three dots on the right-hand side.
  • And tap on the block.


How to find out an unknown caller number?

Answer. On iPhone, You can identify no caller ID. Go to your setting > phone > Off the Show My Caller ID option.
On Android, Go to the phone app and click on the three dots in the menu. Go to settings> Call > Additional and click the Hide number option.

Can the phone provider tell me who the unknown number is?

Answer. No, the Phone provider cannot tell you the name of the caller ID. Because phone providers do not track your unknown calls.

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