Google Playstore on Windows 11 Package

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Windows 11 currently provides a sub system for Android OS. That way we can use Android applications very easily like on a Smartphone. Not only that we can also install Playstore in Windows 11.

To install it you need several packages that you can download through the link below this article. In the package there is WSA+kernel and ADB. To install playstore in Windows 11 you can follow these steps.

How to Install Google Playstore on Windows 11

1) Download the file package at the link below this article. After completing then extract the file, there are two folders “wsa & adb“, copying all to the “c” drive.
2) Enable Developer mode in Developer Settings on Windows 11. And Enable Virtualization on Your PC, you can find it on Turn Windows Features on or off menu in the Control Panel.
3) Then open Powershell and run as administrator.
4) Type this command.

cd C:\wsa\
Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml

5) Open Windows Subsystem for Android, and Enable “Developer” Mode.
6) Then open the CMD, and run the following command.

cd C:\adb\
adb connect [your ip on developer wsa]
adb shell
setenforce 0

7) Google PlayStore has been successfully installed on your Windows 11 PC.

For those of you who are still confused how to install PlayStore in Windows 11. You can see the tutorial in video format on channel “Nosware” below.

You can download all the packages needed to install playstore in Windows 11 through the following link.

Download Packages

Developer: Nosware

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