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ES File Explorer is a file manager application on Android smartphones that is used to manage files and documents to make it easier to manage. In addition to using ES File Explorer, you will be very easy in doing copy and paste files, sharing files between computers and smartphones, or even sharing files between your Android’s Emulator and your PC.

Features found in ES File Explorer application:

Functions and Purposes: In accordance with the main function of managing files, ES File Explorer can perform basic activities such as copy, paste, edit, rename, share or other basic operations related to files and documents on your smartphone.

Archiving Tool: If you want to open a .zip or .rar file on your Android smartphone, you don’t need to install an archiver application, cause ES File Explorer already has a function to compress or extract files in .rar, .zip, .7z or .gz format.

Multi Window: One of the advantages of this application is a multi-window, so we can open 2 window explorer at once, making it easier for us to perform standard operations such as copy and paste files from one location to another.

Search: ES File Explorer is also equipped with a search feature where this feature is one of the many functions required by Android smartphone users.

Library: The library features in ES File Explorer will help to group files on the internal and external SD cards based on their categories, such as pictures, music, videos, apps, and documents. This greatly helps speed up to search for a file on Android smartphones.

Network: This feature is one of the excellent features provided by ES File Explorer application. Network facilities owned one of them is LAN, which allows us to browse files from devices that connect to our smartphones like PC/laptop.

Another facility is Cloud that allows us to manage files from multiple cloud servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, SugarSync, One Drive, Amazon S3, and SkyDrive.

The third network facility is FTP, which allows us to manage files using FTP network (file transfer protocol) via wifi, while Bluetooth is the fourth network feature, this network feature allows us to transfer files using the Bluetooth connection.

Theme: ES File Explorer also provides themes that can be used to embellish the appearance to look more interesting, you can find and download the theme of this application online according to your taste.

Multi-Language: ES File Explorer has a multilingual feature that allows users to change the appropriate language in their country, currently ES File Explorer applications support more than 30 languages.

Recycle Bin: If you delete a file using ES File Explorer, it will be inserted into the recycle bin first, so it can be restored if it is still needed.

Download Manager: The ES File Explorer application also comes with a download manager that can speed up when downloading files.

Excess ES File Explorer

Here are the advantages of ES File Explorer as a file manager on Android:

  • Available Free, to be able to use this application you don’t need to spend.
  • Small Size so it does not take up a lot of resources on your smartphone.
  • Rich in features, this app has many features as mentioned above.
  • Free from ads, so it does not bother Android smartphone users.


ES File Explorer application is needed if you are a person who often does copy and paste activities or move files or documents from one location to another location on your Android smartphone. You can download ES File Explorer application via the following link.

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