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Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

Elementary OS is a simple, fast, linux based, and developed operating system by Elementary Inc. Elementary operating systems can be downloaded free and paid, depending on which one we choose when downloading. Elementary OS although free but for basic functions is not inferior to Windows, moreover this operating system is based on open source code.

Elementary OS has a file size of no more than 2 GB, approximately only 1.5 GB, far from the Windows operating system whose size almost touches 4 GB for the latest Windows 10. Elementary OS has basic features for browsing, writing, working with numbers, it can even be used for file sharing with Windows operating systems using the SMB (Server Message Block) system.

Not only that, Elementary OS by default also has a video and music player application, this is of course very useful for those of you who in addition to working also want to enjoy entertainment. You can also install the necessary apps on App Center available on Elementary OS. There are many free and paid apps that you can use.

Because linux-based, Elementary OS is very fast when compared to Windows, even with Mac OS when using the same hardware specifications. In addition it is very familiar if you previously often use linux desktop will not have difficulty using Elementary OS. You can try Elementary OS virtually or directly installed on your PC/Laptop. You can download Elementary OS ISO through the following link.

Developer: Elementary Inc.
Website: https://www.elementary.io

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