Download Ubuntu VirtualBox Image 64 Bit

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Ubuntu VirtualBox Image is an Ubuntu operating system that can be used in VirtualBox. By using Virtual Box Image this makes you no longer need to install Ubuntu operating system from the beginning. VirtualBox Image has several extensions, and what I share with you is VirtualBox Image with extension .VDI (Virtual Disk Image).

Then how to use VirtualBox Disk Image or VDI ubuntu? You just need to enter your Ubuntu VDI location in the New Operating System you created on VirtualBox. The trick is as follows.

1. Open your VirtualBox.

2. Select New.

3. Fill “Name” with the name of Ubuntu operating system is up to you.

4. For “Type” Please select Linux.

5. While on “Version” please select Ubuntu (64 Bit).

6. Well when choosing Hard disk, please you select the location of Ubuntu VDI that you have downloaded. Then you just “Start” or run your Ubuntu operating system. See the screenshots below.

Select Ubuntu VDI
Select Ubuntu VDI

7. Done, if there is no problem you should now have Ubuntu Desktop with Ubuntu 64 Bit OS.

That’s how you use VirtualBox Disk Image as well as you can download Ubuntu VDI which you can use in your VirtualBox without the need to install and use the file.

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