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Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Audacity is a very popular open source audio editor software. There are 3 main functions of Audacity, to record audio, edit audio (add effects and so on), and also to change the audio type. Audacity Software is widely used mainly by people who work making movies, song clips or even animations.

In Audacity there are many tools that can be used to edit audio, basic tools that exist in the Audacity such as to change audio volume, select audio, cut audio, or add audio effects. In addition to cutting audio of course with Audacity we can also combine two different audio, although the format is not the same though.

Audacity Interface is fairly user friendly for the layman though. When using Audacity original audio will not be deleted or remain intact, this will certainly keep the original file when the wrong editing occurs, so that easily we can repeat the process. To use Audacity at a minimum you have to use Windows 7, and have RAM of 2 GB or more. You can download Audacity full versions via the link below.

Developer: Audacity Team

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