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Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

AIMP is a software used to play music on Windows Operating System. AIMP is so easy to use that so many people love it. In addition to easy and light to use, this software has many features. These include:

  1. Change Language

Aimp application software can support multiple languages ​​of the country. Well, this is good news for those of us who are somewhat confused using the English language. Because AIMP can be changed into the Indonesian language.

  1. Playlist

Aimp has a playlist feature. While the playlist itself is used to group the music files in a playlist. With playlists, you can choose any songs you want to include in a playlist until you play them. O yes, songs that have been listed in the playlist will continue to be saved even if you close the AIMP or shut down your computer.

  1. Equalizer

It’s incomplete if the music player without equalizer. Well, the good news is AIMP also uses a feature named this equalizer. Equalizer is very much useful, one of which is to set the sound output of the music you play. For example, You can ascend down the bass sound in your music, treble sound, and more.

  1. Add or remove files

With the add or remove file feature, you can select one-on-one or all music files in a folder to be included in the playlist list. Then, from the playlist, you can also delete the track list one by one or many at once with add or remove this file.

  1. Sorting files

Sorting this file is in the playlist. Its usefulness is to sort the list of music in a playlist based on a particular category. Example: by artist or singer, based on the duration of the song, based on the title or title of the song, or based on your folder.

  1. Search

A search feature allows you to search for songs in the playlists list. Of course, this feature really helps you if in your playlist there is a lot of music. By searching for a song title in search, you will be presented with the song you are looking for without bothering to find it manually using the scroll.

  1. Skins

The skinning feature allows you to change the AIMP view from default to what you want. Currently, there are two congenital skins from AIMP, namely pandemic and pandemic all in one simple. Additionally, on the skin feature, you can also change the color of the AIMP skin to your taste.

  1. Visualizer

Visualizer is a visual effect on AIMP when a song is playing. Well, here are some effects that you can use as you wish.

  1. Audio converter

Audio converter feature you can use to convert or convert an audio file format to various popular formats such as MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and APE.

  1. Scheduler

Scheduler feature you can enable an automatic schedule, which you can set to turn off the music as you see fit. In fact, you can set your computer to shut down automatically several hours later just by utilizing this scheduler feature.

  1. Streaming radio

Stream radio feature on AIMP, you can use to search and listen to various radio channels on the internet. This feature is very cool for you who no longer have a radio in your home.

  1. Try control

The try control feature is very interesting, where with this feature, AIMP will minimize and go together with the toolbar.

For those of you who want to download AIMP to play music. You can download it through the following link.

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