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Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

7 PDF Split & Merge is a Windows program that is used to separate or merge multiple PDF files into one. Using the program, you can easily take certain parts of the PDF file you want, or you can merge your PDF files into one very easily and offline.

To take a certain part of the PDF file, you simply open the 7 PDF Split & Merge application then you can select the tab “Split Pdf Files“, then you can add a PDF file that you want to take a certain part or even you Split per page by a certain number, then press the button “Split this PDF !“, done. You can also set the output location of your PDF file.

As for combining multiple PDF files into one, you can do so by selecting the tab “Merge PDF Files“, then add a few PDF files that you want to merge so one by clicking the button “Add“, after that you can still set the top or bottom position where the PDF file should be placed with a filter. Then you can also specify the output location of your PDF file, lastly to merge your PDF files into one click button “Merge PDF Files !“, Finish.

Application 7 PDF Split & Merge has a very small size, not more than 5 MB, but is very powerful to use and the result is very satisfying to merge and separate PDF files. You can download 7 PDF Split & Merge via the following link.

Developer: 7-Pdf

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