Download 1001TVs PC for Android Mirroring

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Humera hallari

1001TVs for PC is a free software that you can use to mirroring your Android to your PC. 1001TVs for PC can be used in Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. If you want to use this software to mirror your Android smartphone to PC of course you must also install the android app version first.

To use 1001TVs is quite easy. Once you’ve installed the Android version of 1001TVs, all you have to do is open the PC version of 1001TVs, then you can scan the barcode that appears from your Android smartphone to the PC version of 1001TVs.

Unfortunately to date 1001TVs have not been support for audio mirroring at once. Of course we can wait if the next version will support also for audio mirroring. You can download 1001TVs for PC via the following link.

Developer: 1001TVS
Website: –

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