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Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Sana Modi

Devotion Game is a horror game and a type of first person psychological horror and played as a single player. Here we play Feng Yu, the father who has only one wife and one daughter. This game is available on Steam, but later this game was removed and banned because there was a negative response from internet users. Devotion Games should only be played by adults and not children. That’s why the role of parents is very important in this regard.

The atmosphere in this game is terrible, gripping and the characters feel real. Did you know? Devotion Game is inspired by several other horror games such as What Remains of Edith Finch and Layers of Fear. However, these games have a strong American or European feel, so it is natural to play in America and Europe.

Developer Devotion Game also tries to create the atmosphere of the game to be familiar with Taiwanese culture, by creating rooms, places, circumstances, and ornaments filled with Chinese nuances. The language used in this game by default is Chinese, although there are still english text translations that appear to make the game easier to understand.

To play Devotion Game you need at least 15 GB of Free disk space, to download and install it on your PC. Then you should also use a PC with Windows OS 64 bit that has a powerful spec. You can download Devotion Game through the following link. But you need to install Utorrent first.

Developer: Red Candle Games
Info: Utorrent needed to be installed first !

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