Component of Computer System You Should Know

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The component of computer system consists of at least three main components, includes Output devices, Input devices, and also Central Processing Unit or what we call as CPU. These components are working together to give the users the specific information they need.

The computer changes the way we finish our tasks. The machine helps us to do things quickly and effectively. To access most of its benefits, users need to understand well the core components of a computer.

The input devices will help users to provide data input to the processor. They have to process data and deliver useful information that will be displayed to users through the monitor, as output devices. All the data are stored in the device’s memory.

The Definition of Computer

In general, a computer is a machine that will do several functions according to the direction of its users. Thus, some electronic devices you find in daily lives like calculators or laptops are computers too, like Raspberry pi 4 GPU, a British computer with a single board

A computer has several basic elements, like software, hardware, data, and connectivity, as well as programs. If you don’t have one of these elements, your computer will not work. And apart from the four elements we’ve mentioned, a computer system will have some basic components, input and output devices, also CPU. The three are responsible to make your computer’s work.

The Components of Computer System

There will be several elements that form a computer to be working. One of them is hardware. Hardware is a tangible aspect of a computer system. These components are mechanical or electronic instruments like monitor, keyboard, printer, and many more. The hardware is a bridge between users and software. It also displays the result of the action that is performed.

Hardware can be divided into four different types. We have input hardware which task is to input the data to the system. It includes a mouse, keyboard, or scanner. Another one is output hardware, which includes the printer, or monitor screen. Its task is to receive and display the processing data. There is also Processing and Memory Hardware which includes RAM or Read-Only Memory or CPU, Central Processing Unit. Secondary Storage Hardware is included in hardware components. This is the place where your computer or device store your data. An example is Pendrive or Harddisk.

Besides hardware, another component of computer system is software, a set of programs that helps you to do specific tasks. Software is also a bridge that helps you to interact with the system of the computer through the hardware. Different from hardware, the software is the intangible aspect.

In general, there are several types of software. The first one is the operating system. The main aim is to communicate the hardware with the software using specific programs. The operating system regulates the startup process and runs the programs. An example of the operating system is Macintosh or Windows XP.

Another type of software is system software. This helps users to read the data, control the hardware, and do several other internal functions. The application software is another type of software. This software can be ready-made application software or designed specifically for the user’s needs. The main aim is to do a specific user’s tasks. An example is Tally or PowerPoint.

Utility software is also system software. It helps the users to protect and maintain the computer system, like antivirus software. There is also a language processor, a software that helps to check for errors and fix them. It is also interpreting and translating computer language into machine language. The last one is connectivity software, which connects the server and the computer system. It allows the computer system to share and communicate information with each other.

Installing Operation System

The installation of operating system depends on the version of the OS you want to install. Every version will have different options and steps that are unique for each operating system. The first thing to do is purchasing the operating system, and download it to your computer. Once it is downloaded, please install an operating system on your hard disk. Run the system, and update the settings you desire.

There are several popular operating systems like Ubuntu and Linux. And you’d like to install Microsoft Office on those two systems, we have the steps. To run Ms office for Linux, you need to do these steps. The first is using Office Online in a browser, and install the application by using PlayOnLinux. Then, use the application in a Windows Virtual machine.

While Ms Office for Ubuntu, you need to open the Ubuntu Software Center first and search for Wine. Then, install its package. After that, prepare the Microsoft Office disc and insert it into the computer. Open the installation with the file manager. Then, right-click the setup file, and open it with Wine.

Install Apache on Windows is also available online that you can download the server and install it on your computer.

To have bootable USB Windows XP you have to use Easy USB Creator 2.0. Users are required to download the system and install it. Browse the Windows XP and load the ISO File. Then prepare the USB Drive and select the destination at its Drive field. Start the installation, and wait until finished.  

Problems Related to Operating System

You may find some error messages related to the applications and operating system, like no AMD graphics driver is installed or no device drivers were found Windows 10. If you have a problem with the AMD driver like the message above or that the driver is not functioning properly, try to uninstall it in Safe Mode, and then try to reinstall it.

Or if you have problems with drivers that cannot be read in Windows 10, there are five solutions to try. The first is switching into a USB 2.0 port or set the partition of the computer to active. Another thing to do is creating a new disc or enable the BIOS to access the xHCI hand-off option. And also change and set the boot device to the USB or DVD. If you still find problems, see computer peripherals near me to help you with the component of computer system.

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