Bootable Flash Drive Windows 10

Last Updated on August 21, 2023 by Humera hallari

When you want to install Windows 10, there will be an obligatory action to do is a bootable flash drive. It is a simple process of inserting ISO Windows 10 files to the flash disk. Microsoft is a developer of the Windows operating system that has provided a special tool for bootable flash drive Windows 10. This tool is used freely called the Media Creation Tool. 

How to Make Bootable Flash Drive Windows 10

You can download Windows 10 files on the official Microsoft website for this driver and component of computer hardware. All processes can be conducted by this tool online. Thus, you need to prepare the internet data to do it. If you want to make the process faster, you need to ensure that you have the sufficient speed of the internet. Besides, you can use an application to make this bootable flash drive. You can use it to handle this job. When you want to make the bootable flash drive, of course, you need to prepare a flash disk with a capacity of a minimum of 8 GB. These are some following steps on how to make a bootable flash drive Windows 10. 

1. Firstly, plugin flash disk to the laptop or personal computer USB port. Download Windows 10 ISO Files you can get it here.

2. Then, to create bootable USB/Flash drive you can use Windows Media Creation Tool.

3. Run Windows Media Creation Tool Software, and Put ISO Files and burn using this software.

4. You now can use your bootable USB for installing Windows on PC. Just select BIOS to boot on your bootable USB first for priority.


You can also create bootable Windows 10 by using RUFUS software. This software is very popularly used to make USB Bootable.

Rufus can even be used to make USB Bootable GPT/MBR type, so it will support for most of your harddrive. You can see how to create a USB bootbale using RUFUS via the following video tutorial.

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