Best PC Hardware Sites

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Today, there are many best hardware PC sites that you can visit or browse to get many pieces of information about the hardware PC. Everything about it is explained in detail. It means that all information types you want to know, the sites will help you. Then, what are the best sites for it? Below are the lists as your reference:

1) PC World

This site or blog includes as one of the best and most popular sites or blogs for PC hardware. It also provides magazine online for the readers, especially information about the PC world. This site is full of excellent informative articles, how-tos, guides, and also reviews about everything related to your PC or personal computer. All experience levels of the users or readers, this PC World is the greatest media to visit. Then, it does not only provides information about the type of computer hardware. But, it also provides information about the hardware of Android, as the ecosystem of mobile is also very wide and customizable. 

2) LinOxide

This one of the best hardware PC sites centers on the operating systems of Unix and Linux. This site provides tools, tips, and also great questions (of course with the answers) that perfectly interest all users, new or advanced. LinOxide covers interesting topics from installation until integration with the steps and the resources. This site navigates the contents in easier ways. The menu of LinOxide features many commands and tools. You also will have access to the practical guides and cheat sheet. All of them are downloadable on this site. 

3) Dom’s Tech 

Are you searching for a site or blog of tech that has a great personal touch? This site is the right one. If you like reading everything with relaxed language in which it seems like your friend who has written it, Dom’s Tech is perfectly right to visit. The writer and manager of this site is an engineer of the computer. He provides wide reviews about everything related to peripherals and hardware of gaming. Surely, you will never want to miss His tips on tech. 

4) Tom’s Hardware

Most all enthusiasts of tech, what level they are, consider this site as the most favorite one. This site gives great guides and robust reviews about everything related to PC. Then, if you intend to build a PC of yours, you are right to visit this site. It is also a must-read if you intend to purchase new PCs or laptops. This site is also a great resource for you who like exploring the robotics world. 

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